This distinctive ecclesiastical building is a local iconic example of mid-20th Century modernist architecture. It is oval in shape, constructed in natural stone with a copper domed roof and central glazed lantern.

The original interior was looking very dated and unwelcoming with much of the internal volume under-utilized. There was great enthusiasm, therefore, from within the church and diocese, to rectify this and achieve an ‘uplifting’ space that would benefit congregations, the parish and local community.

Most notably, a new folding/sliding glazed screen has been incorporated and spans the entire width of the building. This screen can be used to divide the main space in two forming a new ‘church hall’ adjacent to the worship area. This provides the church with tremendous flexibility both for worship and church-related community functions.

In addition, a generous new entrance lobby, including toilet facilities, has been added to the main façade and is based visually on the curved form of the original structure. Internally, a new meeting room/creche, office & storage have been carefully woven into the original layout. Throughout the building new finishes and lighting have been added which, together with bespoke stained glass and alter screen, have helped to enhance the church with a great sense of clarity, space and light.