LED Architects and The Building Safety Act

The implementation of the Building Safety Act 2022 came into effect on 01 October 2023 and lays out details for new duty holder roles, timelines and other changes to workflow and process.

New duties are proposed for those who procure, plan, design, manage and undertake building work. These apply to all new building work to which the Building Regulations 2010 apply.

In addition the Building Safety Act aims to improve the safety of higher-risk buildings over 18m or 7 stories in height. Stricter rules to these buildings include:

  • Additional fire protection.
  • Wider stairwells and exits.
  • Stronger floors and ceilings.
  • Maintaining a clear record of information about a building’s design, construction and maintenance throughout its life cycle.
  • Requiring the ‘accountable person’ to access and manage building safety risks and records.

The duty holder roles under the Act have been modelled on those that already operate under the CDM Regulations 2015. The key role of Principal Designer is one that we undertake on the majority of our projects.

LED Architects are gearing up for this regulation change with on-going Continued Professional Development and by enhancing our established quality processes. 

The Building Safety Act will impact all those involved in building procurement and we look forward to working with our clients and with principal contractors to further ensure that safety forms a critical part of the design, construction and management of our buildings.

The Health and Safety Executive published a special bulletin on 22 August 2022 giving additional guidance on the publication of this legislation, and all the secondary legislation that has been enabled under the Building Safety Act.

If you have any questions about this subject, please feel free get in touch with us.