Good technical detailing is fundamental to the overall appearance and performance of the finished building… hence the architectural adage, ‘God is in the detail’.

At the start of this process, we sit down with our Clients to further develop the project brief on a room by room basis taking account of construction methodology, materials, fittings, services integration etc. We then draw on our wealth of technical knowledge and experience to transform the final design into a reality.

Technical Design stage 1

The first stage is the development and integration of all design elements in sufficient detail to ensure the new building complies fully with the legal requirements of all relevant Building Regulations.

We have a thorough understanding of these regulations and work closely with fellow building professionals and local building inspectorate to ensure compliance for our Clients.

The careful integration of the building fabric with its structure, services & subsequent maintenance strategy may require detailed BIM (Building Information Modelling) which we can offer using our advanced ArchiCAD 3D software.

Technical Design stage 2

The second stage is making sure there is sufficiently detailed information to enable a building contractor to undertake the work accurately, efficiently and on budget. This includes additional construction details, schedules and a written specification.

We have the expertise and resource to undertake technical design packages for a wide variety of projects, from a bespoke domestic extension to a multi-million pound school complex.

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