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Phentermine Nyc, Buy Phentermine Canadian Pharmacy

Master planning involves the coordinated design of a development site at a macro level.

Whether it’s a major residential scheme of mixed unit sizes and types or an educational campus requiring a five-year development plan, LED Architects have the proven experience and resource to provide this important design service. Not only do we undertake the architectural design elements, but we also manage and coordinate the input of other specialist consultants such as highway engineers, ecologists, services engineers, etc.

Master planning takes into account a full range of criteria that may affect development such as unit types and density levels; highway access; vehicular & pedestrian movement; site topography; landscape and ecology; services infrastructure requirements; flood risk assessment; acoustics; visual impact analysis and so on.

LED Architects have undertaken master planning for residential developers, schools and community groups.

Master Planning

Proposed Housing Development, Weston Gateway, Weston-super-Mare.

Phentermine Nyc, Buy Phentermine Canadian Pharmacy

Get in touch today for a free no obligation chat about your requirements.

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