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During the construction stage of any building project it is very important for the client to have a formal contract in place with the selected building contractor.


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If the client wishes to appoint a building contractor by means of a competitive tender to undertake the project, LED Architects has the knowledge & experience to organise and manage this process.

Following receipt of tenders, LED Architects will analyse the figures received and help advise the client on the final selection.

During the construction stage of any building project it is very important for the client to have a formal contract in place with the selected building contractor. At LED Architects, we advise on the type of contract and ensure it is correctly administered whilst the project is being undertaken, including the subsequent defect period that may be agreed. Such administration will include regular site inspections to check on progress and workmanship; holding formal site meetings and issuing ‘action notes’; valuation of the work executed at regular intervals and issuing payment certificates; ‘snagging’ the work before handover and certifying the work on completion.


Major new extension and alterations to Sidcot Junior School

Buy Generic Adipex P, Buy Phentermine In Canada

Get in touch today for a free no obligation chat about your requirements.

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