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Many clients want an initial idea of what can be achieved with their property or site whether it is the optimisation of internal space, looking at the most effective use of site area or examining alternative architectural compositions that may influence the ‘style’ or ‘look’ of a building.

LED Architects undertake concept design work for a wide variety of clients, from individual domestic properties to large educational establishments. The resultant output is usually in the form of sketch drawings or a Feasibility Report that examine alternative options which are set against relevant criteria such as accommodation requirements; impact on adjoining properties and landscape; site orientation and environmental benefits; budget cost and programme.

LED Architects use 3D computer modelling techniques as well as simple sketch illustrations to explore alternative architectural solutions.

Concept Design

Dawlish Warren Visitor Centre, South Devon.

Buy Brand Phentermine, Phentermine Generic Online

Get in touch today for a free no obligation chat about your requirements.

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