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Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online - Buy Adipex Capsules

The Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Yeovil District Hospital has involved the careful consideration of various space-planning options within the existing Women’s Hospital building. Options considered in detail at feasibility stage included a new roof-top extension which would link into the clinical floor level alongside. However, in order to meet strict budgetary requirements, the final solution involves the careful phased re-planning of the existing Level 3 maternity unit. The new facilities have been successfully integrated into the existing building envelope, including a major up-grade of the associated mechanical & electrical building services.

The new SCBU includes 6 new cot rooms, 2 high dependency rooms, nurses’ base & office, milk prep. room, family room, counselling room, accessible wc & storage. Changes to the maternity ward will include the provision of 6 new bedrooms with ensuite facilities, new bath & shower rooms, new reception / waiting area, antenatal day assessment room, storage rooms and refurbishment of the main circulation areas.

Key environmental benefits include:

  • The re-use of an existing building
  • The use of hi-efficiency lighting & controls
  • The use of recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible

Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online - Buy Adipex Capsules

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