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Buy Topiramate And Phentermine, Phentermine Buy Online India

The original main campus buildings at The Kings of Wessex Academy date from the 1960s. Being of modular flat roof construction with timber windows & concrete tile hanging, the main teaching block & science block were in a very poor state of repair and required an innovative approach to bring them up to current standards and provide then with another 50 years of use.

By careful investigation and analysis, LED Architects worked with structural engineers and window specialists to establish a curtain-wall cladding system that could be used to envelop the original modular structure.

This major refurbishment project was carefully phased to ensure the works were successfully completed whilst the school was in full operation. The two blocks were undertaken separately during consecutive academic years and were funded through successful government grants that LED Architects assisted with.

The results of the refurbishment are spectacular. Not only does the approach to the main campus now look completely contemporary and updated, but also the internal teaching environment has been transformed.

The rotten windows and failing tiled cladding have been replaced by a fresh, modern glazing / curtain wall system that is low maintenance, well insulated and very stylish. The contrasting areas of new laminate cladding panels have a bold pattern that represents the grey limestone strata of nearby Cheddar Gorge & the Mendip Hills.

Key environmental benefits include:

  • Poor 1960s levels of thermal insulation have been replaced with new insulation to meet current building regulation standards
  • New thermally broken double glazed windows throughout to meet current building regulation standards
  • Solar controlled glass incorporated on the south & west elevations to greatly reduce over-heating and glare in the summer months
  • Use of low maintenance, recyclable materials such as aluminium framing & spandrel panels; solid core laminate cladding & fascia panels
  • Much improved acoustic performance across the external building envelope

Overall, the refurbished classrooms now provide an excellent learning environment.

Buy Topiramate And Phentermine, Phentermine Buy Online India

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