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Axcion Phentermine Online, Phentermine Cheap

This exciting extension and renovation project has transformed a small Devon cottage into a light, open and spacious home.

The low profile, copper-clad extension sits lightly against the cottage with a glass ‘link’ in the roof creating an ‘inbetween’ space, subtly enhancing the connection of the house with the garden and the movement of the sky. Bi-folding doors completely open up the extension to an outside sunken terrace, which leads on to the different levels of the garden.

Built into the hillside, the new curved staircase extension takes circulation out of the small cottage thereby freeing up the interior. This architectural solution also connects the circulation space with the flora of the hill through generous picture windows. A completely reclaimed kitchen reflects the strong environmental agenda and craftsmanship behind this project where high levels of natural insulation and natural materials have been used throughout.

Key environmental benefits include:

  • High levels of natural light & ventilation
  • Super-insulated construction
  • Use of recycled and/or recyclable materials throughout

Axcion Phentermine Online, Phentermine Cheap

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Axcion Phentermine Online, Phentermine Cheap

Contact us today for a FREE, initial discussion about a possible project you have in mind.

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