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This new sports centre for Millfield Preparatory School is located in a sensitive rural setting within sight of Glastonbury Tor and, therefore, demanded an appropriate architectural solution. This was achieved by breaking the building down into a series of interlocking curved roof volumes, similar in scale to a group of agricultural barns set within the open landscape. In addition, the slope of the site meant the building could be cut into the ground thereby reducing its apparent volume when viewed from the Tor. This approach was welcomed by the planners.

The new facilities include a ‘four-court’ multi-use hall with particular emphasis on cricket, tennis, basketball, indoor hockey & badminton. The hall also incorporates a generous viewing balcony at first floor and special louvred windows at ground floor to provide additional daylight with external views allowing flexible use of the hall when not required for sport.

The new centre also accommodates 4 squash courts (including 3 with glass backs), changing and locker facilities for 250 children split over two floors, school shop, offices and reception area.

Key environmental benefits include:

  • Controlled natural daylighting into the main hall using clerestory glazing
  • Passive cross ventilation of the main hall using high level electrically operated opening windows
  • The use of recycled and/or recyclable materials wherever possible such as aluminium roof cladding, natural timber sports floor
  • High efficiency heat recovery on changing room ventilation
  • Composite high efficiency window systems

Buy Phentermine A 159, Phentermine Purchase Buy

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