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This recently completed project involved the complete refurbishment and remodeling of the existing baby care unit at Yeovil District Hospital which is located on the second floor of the women’s hospital.

The hospital was in need of a a fully equipped new medical facility to improve existing service provision and meet future demand.  LED worked closely with the hospital trust, their strategic partner and hospital staff to design the new facility to provide:

  • A number of ensuite bedrooms and 6 cot bays (with visibility for hospital staff)
  • A high dependency room for babies requiring critical care
  • A dedicated feeding and milk facility
  • Re-location of an existing baby bathing facility
  • Family and counselling areas
  • A new reception area
  • A new nurses base and office


The new unit has been designed to be bright, warm and welcoming. It was important to create a peaceful, calm atmosphere to promote emotional well being to postnatal mothers, their partners and babies.

Entrance and Cot with Bear

Project challenges included working in an existing live hospital with limited space and flexibility, coordinating mechanical and structural requirements into the design and complying with all health related building standards.