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This excellent new facility provides the school with a 240 seat dining area combined with a new modern commercial kitchen and servery.

Image shows 'tired' kitchen facility before refurbishment

The project involved the complete ‘gutting’ of redundant changing rooms and the existing out-dated kitchen and servery (which is shown in the photograph to the right).

The resultant shell was then remodelled and extended to create a large, well-lit, welcoming space with generous new windows providing open views to the east of the campus.

The neutral tones of the wall and floor finishes are complemented by the vibrant furniture colours of lime-green & purple.  The new suspended ceiling creates an excellent acoustic ambience and also helps to distinguish the primary functional zones by incorporating downlighters within an integrated ‘bulkhead’ above the main servery. 

Image shows refurbished kitchen area with led lit bulkhead over servery counter

To help engage students with the dining area, a flexible picture-hanging system has been incorporated which is used to exhibit artwork from different year groups. In addition, a large flat screen TV provides updates on school and community events as well as a news-feed covering national and international issues.

The new kitchen is far more spacious than its predecessor with a combination of new and refurbished equipment that is laid out in a semi-open-plan format in view of the dining area – altogether a very contemporary arrangement.

Image shows former school changing rooms refurbished to create a modern dining facility, grey floors, jasmin white walls, purple and lime chairsThe new dining facility is proving very popular with students and staff – the sixth form have a separate ‘café’ area which is used throughout the day for social gatherings as well as informal study groups. 

Overall the new dining facility at The Kings of Wessex Academy creates a calm, ‘up-market’ environment, similar to a college or university, and is proving a great success for the students, the catering staff and the school’s senior management.