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Phentermine Online Pharmacy Mexico, Buy Adipex-D

Construction has commenced on a new boarding annexe at Sidcot School, with completion planned for early 2018. 

The new boarding annexe, linked to the existing boarding accommodation will provide 13 new student study bedrooms all with en-suite bathroom facilities and house parents living accommodation. The building has been sympathetically designed to reflect the surrounding architecture, with a high level if detailing. The new accommodation adopts a highly sustainable timber framed construction including;

  • Sheep’s wool insulation to all external walls.
  • Roof insulation manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Full breathable construction.
  • Very high ‘U’ Values reducing heat loss.
  • Heat recovery air handling units
  • High performance solar reflective glazing
  • Sustainable drainage system

The annexe links directly with an existing boarding house taking account of site topography and landscape views.

Signboard Image

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