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The new Somerset Pavilion at The County Ground for Somerset County Cricket Club completed its first season in style. Designed by LED Architects to meet strict visibility requirements for spectators and television coverage, the new building also forms a striking new addition to the Taunton skyline. With seating for 1400 spectators, including corporate boxes, large dining room, public bar and kitchen facilities, the pavilion also accommodates a roof terrace area, new press box and broadcasting facilities for radio and TV.

Guy Lavender, Chief Executive for SCCC, reported; ‘ We are absolutely delighted with LED’s design of the Somerset Pavilion; it is a world-class building and a magnificent spectator facility. LED’s attention to detail ensured that the Pavilion completely meets our requirements, resulting in a building which is operationally excellent and wonderful to look at! In summary, they surpassed our expectations on what could be achieved within a tight budget.IMG_1355

New Pavilion View of Back