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Rob Barnes

Rob Barnes

Partner & Chartered Architect

Rob has over 30 years experience as a Chartered Architect having undertaken a wide variety of projects for both private and public sector clients. He has proven experience at all stages of the design and procurement process with particular skill in conceptual design and steering projects successfully through the local authority planning process. He has been lead consultant on multi-million pound developments. Rob joined the practice as a Partner in 1998. He is responsible for steering the practice forward by developing and delivering high quality architectural design services to all our clients, large & small, old & new.

“I think architecture is a fantastic subject – no building project is ever the same, there’s always a problem to be solved. We do our very best to provide good value to our clients, both in terms of service and that added “X factor” which comes from good design. As architects we must always remember that behind every good building we finish, there’s usually a very good client.”

David Piper

David Piper

Partner & Chartered Quantity Surveyor

David has over 30 years experience as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and senior project manager and can offer not only cost management services, but also advise on procurement routes and contract implementation with a wealth of knowledge and experience of dealing with building contracts. He has worked on numerous multi-million pound building contracts for both public and private sector clients. David joined the practice in 1983, becoming a partner in 1991. He is responsible for the financial management of the practice and ensuring the implementation of our QA management system.

“Delivering good architecture includes delivery on time and within budget. I have a genuine interest in good quality, exciting designs, but this must include careful cost control to ensure our clients meet their budget target. Projects need good cost management at all stages, especially at the early feasibility stage which is often overlooked by many clients – it’s no good designing something which you can’t afford!”